Thursday, January 22, 2009


been running terrible, i fucking hate stars, fuck 45 mans, and fuck the last few days.

i did win a shitty tourney a few days ago, to be up 500 on the day.

sorry for my blog being terrible lately, just a ton going on, and running bad.

i plan on playing a lot more live the next few months too, so hopefully that goes well.

glgl all


Neilc999 said...

500 in a day should be a blessing IMHO. If your feeling burnt out take a break and put me up some hookers to perv ova instead. You'll be hitting big scores again in no time. :D

Anonymous said...

i dont think its called running bad, i think its called being terrible


carter said...

heh i play with you online a bit, funny blog. you gotta gtfo outta the country imo. Go to Macau, hong kong, manila, thats where the best hookers be

chronicATM said...

No matter how bad it gets (which dont worry ull be fine,..) just'll always get the best of me at the tables lol...damn 2 outers with 1 to come!

adamsapple19 said...

The hardest part about this game is keeping a steady mindset during the really tough times.

Stay positive and you'll pull through this a little easier.