Tuesday, September 26, 2006

full tilt sucks

at this point in time im down $1009 for the night, but full tilt crashed, i was reg for a $236 sng that had not started yet. was in a $216 sng that had just started with mark vos. in a $216 sng with 4 players left and 2 bad players and no one aggressive but me... it was mine to take on the bubbble
Seat 1: gsw2006 (2,460)
Seat 3: sprstoner (4,395)
Seat 6: hoodini10 (5,475)
Seat 7: scoobysnax76 (1,170)

also a $119 sng with 3 left.. i was gonna double up soo i know it...
Seat 5: BlackCloud17 (6,098)
Seat 7: sprstoner (1,920)
Seat 9: TheNegro18 (5,482)

and a $109 sng which i prob would had won
Seat 1: poshie (5,070)
Seat 2: aatarizona (3,360)
Seat 9: sprstoner (5,070)

just getting my money back is $896, plus what ever extra money they award me.... no matter what happens, this whole thing pisses me off,,,,,,,,,,, they better take good care of me, i have a ton of money on their site and pay a ton of rake.

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