Thursday, September 28, 2006

rough day.....

i played a ton if sngs... 31 of them tonight.... just wasnt my day.... big pairs werent holding, my big flushes were losing to straight flushes and my flopped straights were getting drawn out on.... you know the kind of day im talking about... we all get them. anyways i lost $1256 today.... its a rollar coaster of a game thats for sure... i am still 5th on the FTP sng high leader board.. 4th has quite a bit more points then me, i probably wont be able to catch him. i played maybe 45 minutes of cash today, yes 2/4nl again, and broke even. it was a short handed very aggressive table, i probably am not ready to be playing a table like that, so i am happy with breaking even, especially cause i was down like 60 almost immediately.

i love screwing with the beggars...... i prob should send this to FTP get his chat banned, as they are a nuisance.

bigez0205 (Observer): hey guys
bigez0205 (Observer): whats up?
bigez0205 (Observer): anyone talkers in here?
sprstoner: hey big, lemme get $5
10riverkill10: lol
bigez0205 (Observer): huh?
bigez0205 (Observer): what u need $5 for?
sprstoner: just until i get paid
bigez0205 (Observer): lol
bigez0205 (Observer): i am the one that needs paid
bigez0205 (Observer): who wants to donate 50
bones to a poor college kid?
sprstoner: big.. ship me $5 ill ship you $10 om fri
bigez0205 (Observer): a don't have any more on
my account
bigez0205 (Observer): how you all gonna be like
bigez0205 (Observer): not helping a poor college
sprstoner: maybe you should stop gambling.. dumb
10riverkill10: lol
bigez0205 (Observer): lol
bigez0205 (Observer): good point
bigez0205 (Observer): so no 20 bones huh?
10riverkill10: how else could he be a poor college
kid if he stops gambling
sprstoner: get outta here
sprstoner: true
sprstoner: he goes bust, prob playing micros... hehe
10riverkill10: $1 + $.25s
sprstoner: hehe

then again i did ask him for money 1st.. so maybe i should not turn it in to FTP... heh

looking forward to recovering tomarrow.. i feel i played good today, so i am not upset about the down day.



lucko said...

The best was that guy who went to the $10 max buy in tables and was asking to borrow $100. They didn't get the joke though.

sprstoner said...

he was determined to get atleast $5 he tried for like 3 days before he left them small stakes guys alone...