Friday, September 22, 2006


today was one of those nasty days where nothing seems to go right. i played 21 sngs, 13 were 200's the rest were 100's. i only cashed 5 of them, no 1st places. down a lot more than i made yesterday... ouch this hurts... guess i cant always run good... i dont want to bore you with details at this point, but in future posts i will try to post some interesting hands and stuff.

played 2/4nl just for about 30 min, was up about 150 then some retard made a stupid call, and i had to pay him off on river and i lost a big chunk of the proft... left only up $20, which is gay. only played this table to pass time while finishing up my last 2 sngs... i quit a little early tonight due to my shitty performance/bad day.

if i dont do good tomarrow i think i am gonna pass up the majors on sunday... at least the big one on stars.

i am gonna try to update this blog daily... sorry for my horrible writing skills and spelling... GG govt schools.

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