Friday, September 29, 2006

tonight was awesome, and what to do tomarrow.

tonight i only played sngs again, and had my best night ever. and it came very close to being so much better, as i bubbled 3 sngs (all were 200's), where i had a lot of chips and took multiple bad beats to bust - the last one was very frusterating because i had 2 bad beats in a row to cripple me, then i worked my way back up to chip leader, then ran into AA to get crippled, built back up to 2nd place, then took a bad beat to get crippled, then pushed with j8 and the caller had 77, i flopped a J and an 8, river was a 7..... a very frusterating bubble, just to have some donk tell me how horrible i am... but that always makes me laugh...... anyways i finished the night up $2,759, playing 22 sngs cashing in 12. a had a 8 sng stretch where i cashed 7 with 4 1sts.

tomarrow i have to work, i have 2 appointments... i always try to take saturdays off, but for some reason i never get to... its gay and it sucks... here i am complaining and i didnt even go to work today.. hehe, is that a sign of true laziness? i hope so because i love being lazy. i blew off the libertarian rally i was supposed to go to last wed afternoon, but they are having another tomarrow: noon - 4:00, maybe i will stop by, maybe i will come home after work... i am more likely to take the lazy way out... there is also a 100 seat guarenteed sat tomarrow afternoon for the $2600 buy in wcoop ME, which i would love to play. i think i will try that sat... should not be to difficult, my chances of getting a seat should be a solid 30% i would think. if i bust out, maybe i will try a few double shoot outs, because i want to play that so bad.

i am still in 4th on the FTP sng leader board, and the 3rd spot is still to high for me to reach, but i think i am far enough ahead above 5th to keep my 4th place spot. its been an awesome month, and i hope to finish it off with a bang tomarrow.

thanks... and gl...

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