Sunday, October 01, 2006

well.... didnt play much today

i woke up pissed hearing about the online gambling ban was passed attached to the port security bill.... our govt is tyrannizing us with the terrorism card... like i have said before, we are more likely to get hit by lightning... so why all the fuss, and why destroy our rights... the ppl have lost all control of the US govt. i am doing all i can... i vote libertarian (the only political party that cares about our rights), and i try to help out the local party as much as i can. we have a long road ahead of us... but i did make the rally today. i am sure we can find ways to still play, but will the bad players go through the hassle to still play? this greatly effects me and a lot of people. govt does not listen to the people. we need to make them.

i played a few sngs today and ended a negative 235. was having a bad day and getting frusterated and such so i stopped before i lost more.

i also played the 100 seat guarenteed sat for the wcoop main event, which is a $2,600 buy in MTT. i did win my seat, so i will be playing that tomarrow. 1st place is expected to be about a million. gl me.

also work is picking up... so it seems i will be working more.... prob a good thing if online poker is on its last legg....

week end total = +$3,895 from sngs. i did lose $1655 playing mtts. and $2 lost from cash games for a total profit of:


i didnt count the buy in or the sat win for the $2600 tourney im playing tomarrow,,, i will count that next week so it dont screw up my results.

gl everyone

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