Monday, October 02, 2006

today sucked, and im still pissed.

i lost $614 playing 2/4nl cash game... assholes kept getting sets, and never folding their draws... assholes.

at sngs i lost $838 today.... so a horrible day

whats really sucks is things are looking worse and worse for online poker. i did spam a few forums with libertarian stuff... and i ran into a few others doing it too... so others also veiw them as the answer. i really hope voters show up to the polls pissed... americans need to make a stand sooner or later,,, rather than just saying oh well... like usual. people on P5s are acting like they want to have a march on DC... but no one seems to be organizing anything yet... if something gets organized, i will for sure make it down... as well as contact the national LP to see if they could help in any way, or campaign there.

i just got mod status at the local LP forum, but no one goes there, i need to try and get the forum active.... prob wont be easy, but might be fun... maybe i will try to drag people from the local news paper forum, or something.... dont know still thinking about this one.

hmmmmmm........ oh yeah.... i qualified on FTP for some 30k free roll, but cant find where to claim a ticket or an entry, and i dont see the tourney in the lobby... its called the ironman... i think it is supposed to be next saturday, and im not sure if im going to play it. there is a wpt event at the bellagio, and sat has a $1500 tourney i was thinking about playing, but every night has a $1000 2nd chance tourney.... i bet the $1500 has a better structure and i should play that one.. i believe it starts at noon.... then the following sat i am strongly considering entering the $1000 super sat to the main event.

oh yeah FTP sent me the bonus for the leaderboard today.. it was $1320...

gl every one...

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lucko said...

I am sure the leaderboard bonus helped soften the losing day a bit. I was happy to see mine hit the account, even though mine was for about $1000 less.