Friday, October 13, 2006

good thing i did not take today off....

my best day ever playing sngs. +$3818, which almost makes up for the whole week... i feel so good right now.. heh

i just got my rakeback from last moth , it was $1398. and i just cleared the last of the $500 bonus today. also.. i already posted it, but in the beginning of the month i got $1340 (i think) for the leaderboard bonus. so $3238 just from bonuses in 1 month... very awesome.

anyways.... some stats from today...

18 sngs
9 were 100's , 9 were 200's
8 were reg speed, 10 were turbo

i cashed 10 of them , 4 cashed were from the 100's

a total of 7 1st places, 3 2nds, no 3rds.= awesome night...


check out this hand.
Full Tilt Poker
No Limit Holdem Tournament
Blinds: t20/t40
9 players

Stack sizes:
UTG: t1455
UTG+1: t1930
MP1: t3110
MP2: t1780
MP3: t190
CO: t985
Button: t1135
SB: t1460
Hero: t1455

Pre-flop: (9 players) Hero is BB with 3d 4d
UTG calls t40 (pot was t60), 2 folds, MP2 calls t40 (pot was t100), 3 folds, SB calls t20 (pot was t140), Hero checks.

Flop: 4s 4h ac (t160, 4 players)
SB checks, Hero bets t80, UTG folds, MP2 calls t80 (pot was t240), SB folds.

Turn: 2h (t320, 2 players)
Hero bets t240, MP2 calls t240 (pot was t560).

River: 5h (t800, 2 players)
Hero checks, MP2 bets t800, Hero raises all-in t1095, MP2 calls t295 (pot was t2695).

Final pot: t2990
Hero showed 3d 4d
MP2 showed Ah 3h

i had to pay him off dont you think? and the asshole waited till his time almost expired to call the last of my chips...
and i get called a donkey by this guys friend who is railing him.... (not from the hand above)

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i am still not playing the wpt sat tomarrow, because i am down for the week, and unless i do good tomarrow, i prob will cut my sunday play a lot as well.


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