Sunday, October 08, 2006

last few days

well... a few days ago i had a break even day, the next day i made a little over 200, then yesterday i made about $1500. for the week i made $2900 which includes losing about 600 in cash games and winning a little in MTTs.

yesterday i played my 1st ever $500 sng, and got 2nd... playing those are over my bankroll, but i could not resist, many bad players were in already. look at the sharkscope of them:

i was planning to play a wpt prelim event today, it was a $2k buyin, but i decided last night that i didnt really feel like it... now i wish i went.. no way i can shower and get to the bellagio in 30min though. i am so damn lazy. i will probably still play the super sat next saturday.

soooo... because i decided not to play the wpt thing today, i decided to get up a lil early and play the big deal at pokerroom... but my dumbass got up 10 min late... i thought it started at 11:30, but it started at 11:00.... and i was watching TV in bed for an hour too.... oops.... maybe next time.

im gonna play the million at stars today, and the 200k at FTP... not sure what else.



smokkee said...

"supertilt" LMAO

never knew there was such a ranking on sharkscope. first time i've seen it.

$500 sng's are way above my BR too but, with donks like that playing there, maybe i need to investigate.

sprstoner said...

yep.. i havent played another one yet.... but when i see a mostly full table and i am not over loaded with tables already, i definately investigate it.

prob is, no matter how bad they are, you still will lose a lot of them... i really try not to play out of my bankroll.

gl man