Thursday, October 12, 2006


4 straight negative days for a loss of about $4k. im running so bad, it seems like someone is playing a joke on me. im taking $5k off of FTP and playing somewhere else. i will probably take tomarrow off. play a few MTTs the next few days, play a few sngs at stars. see if i can get anything going. i will not play the sat for the wpt while i am running this bad. everytime i play cash i get fucked too... last few times i flop the nuts and the other dude fills up.

nevermind about taking tomarrow off, it is usually my best day to play... if i lose tomarrow i will take the weekend off, then play MTTs next week and sngs at stars for a few days and screw the FTP leaderboard. and come back to FTP towards the end of next week or something.

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