Wednesday, October 04, 2006

im kinda drunk

yeah... today was the monthly libertarian meeting... i showed up early so i could go over the business stuff with them as well... if i show up as early the next few months i get to vote on shit... not that i really need to... but i want to help... so i can so i did my part to fight for our freedom... not just for online poker, but for about everything... i have been pretty upset over the real ID act for sometime too. they are haveing another rally tomaorrw afternoon on one of the busiest street corners in town... not sure if i can make it or not... i will try.... but i do have the cardplayer tourney to worry about as well as i have a busy day at work.... so who knows what ill do.

because the mothly meeting is in a bar, i was drinking the whole time.. and i think i had to much.... but i came home and fit in 6 sngs.. and made $900 so not to bad.

oh yeah... a hot chick that none of us have met before showed up, and she said she was just busted for solicitation (she said she was an escort)... i wouldnt mind trying her out... i mean she was smokin!!!!... mmmmmm!!!!.... i may not see her again, because she lives in san francisco and was just here for a little while... i guess one of her good friends from back home is a libertarian and told her to come to the meeting while in town... not sure why.... but... i wanna be her friend.. hehe

im going to bed... goood night.

you know whats's awesome?????


Sherri said...

Quit being a drunk and get a job.

Tuff news about the possible online poker bann. Oddly enough- I heard it first from mom since I missed your bulletin, then I went through and dugg it out so I could see what she was talking about.

So whats awesome? Are you talking about my car again?

sprstoner said...

ya.. the ban blows... its fucked... not sure what i am gonna do... but i guess if all sites close, or if they block IPs, or whatever and i cant play... i guess i will have to play the casinos more... but that is so incovienant.

govt sucks....

Anonymous said...

Ugh, this blog is awful. Quit writing and do something better with your time... Like learning how to write.