Monday, February 16, 2009

i hate the pokerz.

been running pretty terrible, so many tourneys i was real close and got fucked, etc. i did win one for a descent prize the other day but i been losing a lot more than that. but it def dented my downswing a bit.

this is a newer tourney on stars i hope they keep it around, i really like the 2 rebuy 1 add on idea, they let you rebuy anytime the 1st hour and a half as long as you have under 100,000 chips.


anyways, im off to LA tomorrow. the family is staying at home as it would be extremely boring for them since i will be gone all day every day. however it does suck going alone (none of my buddies are going out either).

hopefully i will be going deep and winning tourneys and shit, so i don't have to get drunk all day by myself.. lol

last several times i played live i really did terrible, but i have had pretty good live success in the past, so im looking to make up for the last disappointments.

i sold 28% of myself for the main event on saturday, and a friend might buy a few more percent. so im pretty sure im done selling, i may be able to fit in a few percent if someone really wants it, but def not looking to sell much more.

i plan on updating my blog several times while in LA.

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smokkee said...

what are your plans for wednesday? i might come up to play cash and have a couple beers unless your gonna be neck deep in tourney donks.