Sunday, February 22, 2009

next day...

finished the day, still not sitting great, but still in with a workable stack.

i need to quit missing flops and start hitting a set sometime, but continue catching good cards and holding up.

starting tomorrow at noon with 29k, blinds will be 600/1200

such a sick structure.

still like 170 ppl and only 63 pay, so im assuming that we wont get into the money till day 4 sometime.


smokkee said...

nice stoner!

i'll try to stop by Commerce tomorrow.

jamyhawk said...


cmitch said...

GL - keep tearing it up!!

Up to 175k closing in on bubble - awesome!!!!

GO!! GO!! GO!!

chronicATM said...

Keep it up!! Seems like a pretty amazing tournament series from what I have been hearing last few days! Enjoy yourself...TID.

chronicATM said...

Dude I just saw the cardplayer info for LAPC ME, ..... 64players left and u have 175k...I think you've been in this spot before!!

Best of luck to you man this is all yours!