Thursday, February 19, 2009

such a weird place.

here i am in LA going to the commerce everyday. i have been warned by many people to not walk anywhere because apparently its not in a good area. people dont typically fuck with me and i did kinda grow up in shitty areas, so its not something i really am worried about, but i am def to lazy to be walking places, especially in an area im not familiar with.

1st impression when we 1st pulled up the 1st day... "wow, this place is a dive", lol. ATTN commerce ppl, put some money into your joint and make it look at least descent, obv you are making money.

one thing that really threw me off.... i asked the cocktail waitress for a coffee, she acted kinda weird, then ran over to the edge of the room where people were getting their own coffee then brought me one saying it "was on the house".... ok.... weird... arent all drinks???? well apparently not here. coffee and non-bottled water are free, but i guess it is standard for you to get it yourself. so that explained why no one ever gets drinks of any sorts while playing cards. in the 26 hours i played cards, i may have seen 3 drinks ordered (not counting smoothies from the hot smoothie girl).

tuesday's 1k. i min cashed it, play was solid, it was like playing a very solid online tournament where everyone knew what to do always. hard to pick up easy chips.

wednesday's 500. technically i made day 2. un-technically (or whatever) fuck poker.
i started the day doing well playing a lot of pots against a few maniacs, but i built up well, then boom, fucked out of my stack.. typical right?, anyways 10 BBs and ready to go play sats for the 5k then table breaks. i went on a sick heater and built up a very big stack. boom table breaks. then shit just didnt go my way, table was playing slow, as in taking a lot of fucking time. every pot i would open i would get re-raised, or my flop bet would get shipped and then i found myself short once again.

not letting the shit get me down i kept playing my game, and i caught some cards and found live loose players making big laydowns to me, both when i have huge hands and nothing. was weirded out a bit, but ok. so i found myself with a big stack once again and am playing a lot of pots again. then a sick hand happened that costme tons of chips.

i open utg AK, k was a club, very tight player (since i been at table) just called the 5k bet (blinds must had been 1k/2k). the big blind went all in for 6500, and i cant re-raise so we both call. flop came out Axx all clubs. i had about 85k before the hand. i led out here for a lil more than half the pot, dude shoves... i obv call even though he has been very tight, i mean this is a perfect flop for me. well, he flipped up QJcc and i missed, leaving me with about 40k.

i blind down a bit, then it gets down to 3 tables at which time we re-draw for some reason, and 6 of the 9 players from my last table get the same table i got, so at least i know most of the players well. i get AA about 4 times and AK 3 in about an hour and built up 170k stack.

blinds were 2/4k 500 ante, and the only loose/bluffy "i got to see a flop" guy opens from button to 12k, sb folds and im in BB with Ak, dude has 161k, so i think for a while actually, and then made it about 45k, dude tanks and finally calls. flop came down QJx and at this point the pot is so big i have to shove the flop, so i do. dude tanks forever, prob 5 min at least thinking i have AA again, then finally says "i rather go broke now than start tomorrow without a big stack just as the time on the clock runs out for the last level of the day. he called and flipped up AQ, i miss, and i lose a pot that was for the chip lead or damn near it and seriously have to come back tomorrow for a 1.5 BB stack... wooooo!!

anyways i guess i will get to the casino about 1pm and play the shootout since the day 2 doesnt start till 4, im assuming my 1st table should be done by then. i was gonna play sats or the 5k if i didnt make day 2, but obv i get to forgo that for a shit day 2. fuck it, maybe i will get lucky, wont be the 1st nor the last time, glgl me.

all things said, this is an awesome series of events that all poker players should attend, lots of events, lots of ppl, lots of money, lots of fun. i will be back next year even if i don't win a seat.



lj said...

quadruple and then win pls. glglgl. besides, you gotta save some of the running good for the main event. :)

lucko said...

Nice work so far. 2 for 2 in cashes is def an accomplishment!

And I actuallyed lol'ed @ "un-technically (or whatever) fuck poker."

MackemPlus1 said...

Take it down sir


smokkee said...

brutal last hand. ya the no free drinks in the L.A. casinos. but on fri/sat nights fish will booze it up pretty good anyway.

looks like i'm gonna be able to drive up Friday. email me your cell# so i can text/call you when i get there. should be sometime around lunch.

dwal said...

how the fuck can a place call itself a casino without free drinks