Wednesday, June 20, 2007

the chop, and tomorrow....

the chop at the Bellagio... chopping is something i never ever like to do, and this was the 2nd time i have ever chopped.

we had 5 players left, the biggest stack had 151k, i had 149k, 3rd guy had like 135k, next dude had 100k, short guy had like 60k (i think).

under normal circumstances i never chop here, but blinds were 2000/4000, and the 2 big stacks were pretty good players and one was very loose aggressive. and the 2 shorter guys were playing to tight, so we were gonna have big pots with shorties waiting us out. i struggle with big stack verses real aggressive players. also, i used to not need the money, and now i do. i used to not need poker money to pay my bills and lately if it wasn't for poker, my mortgage would not be paid.

i still kind of regret chopping, because i think i could had won... but then i remind myself i needed the money and i just won like 3 coin flips, and i could easily lose the next 1 or 2 with the short stacks.


as for tomorrow, i am almost positive i will be playing the $1500 WSOP event.

not sure if i will see him tomorrow, but thanks CC
for the updates and pictures, very awesome man.


Fuel55 said...

A good chop is still a win.

lucko said...

Awesome job buddy! Good luck tomorrow.

Schaubs said...

You made the right decision.

Craig Cunningham said...

Congrats, and thanks for the shoutout. Hunt me down if you're there tomorrow.

Ryan said...

if you need the money there's nothing you can do about it.

you'd really be regretting it if you'd lost a big hand right after turning down the chop and went out 5th.