Tuesday, June 05, 2007

WSOP 2K event Wednesday

I'm gonna play this, and probably the one on Saturday too.

glglglglgllglg me


over all last month wasn't that great... mainly because i played a few big buy in tourneys including the 200r and didn't do good in them.... i did pretty good in cash games....

i did pretty shitty in cash games last night though... not sure what happened but was bad.


Anonymous said...

Do well tomorrow.

lucko said...

Take It Down!

smokkee said...

a bunch of us are gonna be at MGM's poker room Friday night (6/8) around 9pm-til whenever. you should stop by if you can.

sounds like you're playing with alot of confidence in the WSOP events.

hopefully, you'll catch some breaks and get deep.

GL Stoner!