Sunday, June 10, 2007

WSOP Event 15, Day 2

Sucko here again. I will be providing updates for sprstoner. Hopefully with a final table in the works.


Coolered again!! So rigged. With 75k and the blinds at 3k/6k, he jammed AKs from the cutoff and obv the BB has Aces. Nasty. Out in 68th for a very nice $8,251 pay day. 68th out of 2,628 in a WSOP tourney is definitely quite and accomplishment. Great job Stoner!!


Great first level for the champ. He doubled against a big stack with AK vs Jacks. The board was pretty sick: A Q 10 J 4. A bit later he lost a 25k flip with QJs vs 88. He made it to the break with 82k having the rest of the table covered.

Blinds are going up to 2k-4k, so there should be plenty of action after break. Looks like there is about 120 left with the average stack at about 65k.

They arent allowing text messaging at the table, so the only updates will probably be on the breaks.



Ryan said...

great job man, always nice to go deep in such a big tourney.

Ezarc said...


GL man in the rest of your events!

parsifals said...

both of you, kick some ass!

Craig Cunningham said...

Sorry I lost you after Day 1, stoner. I sent Lucko a photo; ping me at if you're still here.