Monday, June 04, 2007

event 3, my recap

before i recap, I'm gonna mention that i am going to try to play Wednesday's event. i will post if i do.


around midnight with about 370 players left i had 17k. blinds just went up to 600/1200/100.

folded to me on button i had AKs, i make it 3k. BB shoves with 7k, i of course call....his TT held. i took blinds a few times, blinded back down etc...

I'm in the cutoff with A4hearts with 6600blinds still same. i shove, button insta calls with AA, i flopped 2 hearts, flush didn't come.

busted aprox 310th, 270 paid.

over all, i am very happy with my play, i had 1 questionable hand. and mostly a lot of bad luck, imo.

i lost 3 out of 4 races, i had 9k very early, and became short stacked through most of day , before gaining chips around 10pm. i took 1 bad beat (not crazy bad). and never sucked out on anyone.

i was at about 6 or 7 tables... never had i bounced around so much live.

the questionable hand was: 1st hand at new table, young dude, looked about 19, who had a huge stack, raised UTG, i had AQs, and called in early-mid pos, as did both blinds. utg c-bet flop 347 (i think) i folded, BB re-popped him and he folded. after being at table a while, i notice that UTG guy was raising like 3+ times an orbit. which means i should had re-raised him that AQ hand.

my stack became to short to take advantage of his aggressiveness without a good hand. so i had to really tighten up for a while. i got to table with 10k blinded down to about 7k, before aggr player doubled me up.

i was really confident in this tourney and in my play, was upset i couldn't make it. the player who doubled off of me with TT vs my AK, won like 4 races in 30 min, and had about a 50k stack when i busted. poor aggressive dude, lost about 4 races in a row to bust before i did.

at this last table i had 2 players who i had played with before, and knew their styles. one guy bad beat me at wsop ME last year for a 15k pot, one i chopped 2nd chance wsop tourney last year and played cash with before. had med tight stacks at my table to my left and aggr players to my right with big stacks, was at a great table to finish the night at, just didn't work out this time.

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