Wednesday, June 06, 2007

WSOP Event 10: 2K NL

Sucko here. I will be providing updates for sprstoner as he owns this event.


BAH!!! AK in the cutoff runs into KK in the small blind, WSOP is rigged. GG Shawn!


Quick Update: WOOOT, He doubled early in the level AQ vs AQ, up to 12,675!!!!! WOW!!!



3rd Break: Ugly hand right before break. 200-400, 50 ante. Button limps (gay), SB completes, stoner checks his option in the big blind with 8c2c. Flop comes 8-7-3r. SB leads for 1200, stoner makes it to 3700 to go, button folds and the SB calls. Turn is blank and goes check-check. River is a 9 and it goes check-check. SB shows T-9 and scoops the 9500 chip pot. He is hanging in there though with 7,575. Blinds are going up to 300-600, with a 75 ante so he is going to be gambling soon. I think there is about 450-500 left with the top 153 getting paid.



2nd Break: Looks like the table got a little tired of getting pushed around. From the champ: "Every opening raise I make has been repopped" in the past two hours. His table broke, so hopefully his next one will have plenty of donks. He is still sitting at 9,300 which I am pretty sure is above average. The blinds are 150-300 with a 25 ante, so he still is sitting strong.


1st Break: Stoner has chipped up to 12,625 without showing down a hand since the last update. He said the table is pretty weak and there is only one other good player at it. A lot of pros all around his table, but he got a good table draw. Hopefully more good news to come later tonight.


Level 1: Stoner gets off to a very nice start with an early double up. His straight flush gets paid off by a bigger flush. He has the chip count at a very nice 8,750, up from the 4,000 starting point.


For anyone in Vegas or at the RIO, stoner is at Table 116, Seat 1 in the Tent. Stop by and wish him luck.


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Gl stoner, nice straight flush.



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Go Stoner!