Thursday, October 16, 2008

descent day but fuck.

i final tabled a few things today, the 30k ko tourney i got a very disappointing 5th place. the 65k i got a very disappointing 4th place. and in the 100 1r/33k 6 max on ftp i was CL with 7 left and busted 7th obv. that is so fucking standard for me in 6 max tourneys.

wtf, 45 mans, its like im lost, this is fucking retarded. last 10 days im down over 5k in them.

here is the whole month... sick swings this month, and it looks like i am on my way to my 1st losing month in 45 mans.


it looks like if i keep playing my current schedule, the ftp leaderboard is as good as mine.


hopefully i can get a hooker post up somewhat soon.....

im taking tomorrow off, ill try ot have good news for Saturday night.


1 comment:

AllanDuke said...

That downswing graph makes me laugh. A sick laugh, not a humorous one.