Friday, October 31, 2008

PLO is easy.

last few days i have really been struggling, def ended my little streak.

bubbled several final tables, including both $30 rebuys today. the 2nd 30r today i was chip leader with 2 tables left, lost a few pots, then lost a big flip, the lost AA to 66 getting it all in on an 88x flop to the worst player left (hope he won). yesterdays 30r i ran KK into AA with 9 left. pretty stressful.

got slaughtered badly in 45 mans today, and i been playing those 90 man turbos a little bit too (think im gonna replace the sng sats i was playing with these), also got killed in those bubbling (close enough, placing 10th-15th) like 5 today.

but i did make 2 final tables today, both PLO, and i won one and got 5th in one, i kinda expected it to be the other way around, but this way paid more so im ok with it. i have awesome results in PLO tourneys even though i never studied the game, i think the players are just that bad, im amazed at what ppl call off with at the FTs and i wonder how the hell they got there.

i only save the one screen shot.


i decided since i was crying about my 45 man swings this month to post my final graph of this months results and im not playing tomorrow, so this is it....

this is only hitting 16% on my roi for the month, which with the huge influx of good players swarming in these lately, might be what i should expect now. still pretty good i think... def still worth playing if that is my expected value.


the Oct FTP leaderboard....

i took 11 days off this month including tomorrow (or today), and i have nothing to fear, these guys got owned. if i keep playing just on FTP (playing stars will take away from ftp volume, obv) i might be able to make a solid run at this every month. i would say i would be able to win it every month until some 2p2ers get a bet going or something.

basically the key to winning this is to play a ton of 45 man sngs because they count. most of the top 10 are 45 man sng regulars.


MackemPlus1 said...

Keep meaning to ask. What buy-in are these 45-man SNG's?

sprstoner said...

$75 mostly, i rarely will play a $26 too.