Sunday, October 12, 2008

the week after......

i haven't posted in a whole week, i just have had nothing to post about and been limited on time.

since the big win i been running kinda of shitty, but that is obv what you guys expected to hear.. lol. i lost 6500 since my big win. had several close spots, i mean i could had made some money if things were a lil different.

gonna have a big week next week for sure.


last week i won the weekly sat challenge for FTP's 750k, the bonus was only $400... not much but better than no bonus. this week i stood no chance as the 1st place guy had probably won 15 seats more than me and 2nd was close behind him. i had 3rd secured by a long shot, but only 1st and 2nd pay.

the guy that got 1st this week played an insane amount of games, i mean i played 10-12 hours on each fri, sat, and sun; and he was on playing them when i woke up and when i went to bed, i seriously don't think the dude sleeps. he def deserved 1st.

i only played the $75 sng sats to the 750k and i only used them as filler throughout the day. if i were to play either less MTTs or 45 mans i would think i would be able to win the sat challenge every week, not sure that would be wise for the $400 or not, i kinda doubt it, but i will look into it. the sng sats them selves seem like they should be pretty profitable esp with rakeback.

next weekend there isnt a sat challenge and no 750k, its a $535 1mill. sucks they aren't doing a sat challenge on it because i won the only 2 sng sats i played for it so far.


i do have a goal for this month. i been easily getting top 5 every month on FTP's monthly tournament leaderboard, which pays 3 $75 tokens and a freeroll.

usually getting 3rd isn't that hard, but 1st and 2nd are usually require a lot more points and i never got close to 1st yet.

i think i have a real shot at 1st this month and if not i should def get 2nd.

1st pays $1000 and 2nd pays $500... i am taking down the 1k though.

here are the current standings.. its very close.


one thing i think is kind of cool... it appears Taylor (one of the girls i posted in a previous blog entry) has found my blog, she left a comment on my last entry (unless its a hoax).

im kinda curious how she found my blog, did a reader use her services and tell her about it? or maybe she is tracking her traffic on her site (less cool) and saw some links coming from here.

if a reader used her services i would hope to get a review....

Taylor's site


good luck....


lj said...

i hate kaffeesatz. he's the one who two outed me on the river for the chip lead five-handed in the turbo fiddy last thursday night. don't let him catch you!!

Anonymous said...

The girl should offer a discount for 'pimping'

sprstoner said...

^^^ i agree, so taylor if you are reading this... email me.. lol