Thursday, October 23, 2008

small little win...

i won a little $33 turbo on FTP today, nothing special. sucks to run awesome in your smallest tourney and shitty in the rest, but i will take it.

notice the donkey in 10th? she had no chance as long as i was still in anyways, even if she was not destined to get fucked in 10th. lol.

when i got heads up, the guy lost his internet connection. i sat out and waited for him until break, wasn't that long, but i could had easily blinded him off for a guaranteed win. he did come back during the break and didn't even say thanks. either he doesn't give a shit or he doesn't know english, maybe chat was banned. not sure. oh well fuck him, i just hope when i lose connection heads up, that whoever im up against gives me a little time to get back online.


45 mans still going well and im still killing the FTP leader board.


nothing good to post about hookers, i been keeping an eye open though. in case you never noticed i have linked a few hooker blogs i like underneath awesome blogs on the left hand side of my page.


i will be back online Saturday morning... glgl.

1 comment:

lucko said...

If I was heads-up with you, I would blind you out as fast as I could!

Oh and, nice win!