Tuesday, October 14, 2008

pretty sick...

i kinda had a shitty day today, in the 100 1r with 18 left i had the chip lead and busted 18th, in a 6m tourney i busted 6th, 10th in the 30r, a few sick bubbles. i guess at least i got a 2nd in the PLO 30r.

i just been getting slaughtered in the 45 mans lately. here is the last 7 days.

this is my lifetime 45 man graph, as you can see these swings aren't unusual, but i def been going through more lately. stressful game.


as of right now i am still in 1st on the FTP leaderboard but the 2nd place dude (kaffeesatz33) is still very close. he has not taken 1 day off yet this month and he is putting in a lot of daily volume. i have already taken 4 days off this month and am taking Tuesdays and Fridays off the rest of the month.

i guess if it gets that close i can maybe play the last Friday of the month, and a few extra hours the last days. but i want to get the 1k bonus.


i kinda got carried away today, i was playing sng sats for the 1k Monday tourney and i was taking sick fucking beats non-stop, and i decided to keep playing them because of how good i was getting my money in and how confident i was that i could beat them.

i played 19 of these at $281 a pop. at the very end of the day i caught up a bit and i won my last 2 making an aprox $500 profit on these for the day. this could had ended up bad. anyways because of how i was running in all my tourneys i decided to not play the 1k and i just took all the T$. originally i had decided to play if i was up $500 in the sats and that was the number i hit. probably a good idea to back out though, maybe next week.

here is my profit/buyins for the day:


lucko said...

So you cashed for 11k and still lost money? Sicko!

sprstoner said...

just a bunch of mini cashes, but buy ins for the 1k sats were 5300 themselves.

MackemPlus1 said...

Holy fuck!!!!

I get annoyed losing the nickel and dime shit I play. Can't imagine this kind of volume.

You are one sick fucker!!!