Friday, June 06, 2008

been running so shitty (shitty whine post, not a recommended read)

i mean i run good too, but it seems like the timing is always screwed... like i will run hot when it doesn't matter, then shitty when it matters a lot.

bubbled 2 FTs today both running AK into AA, was CL of the nightly 100k on stars or top 5 for most of the tourney, then ran kinda bad for a while but still had a descent top 10 stack then ran AK into AA to bust 40th. I had AA lose all in pre like 5 times today and kk ran into AA 2 times...

flopped a FH of course against quads, flopped a set obv dude flopped straight flush, also ran AA into a flopped royal, lost a huge CL in a $20 180 ppl sng 3 handed BvB i flop top 2 he flops a straight.

seems like i always run bad, i don't get it.


i went down to the rio last night after my online session, i played just 1 $325 sat (and a 9 way $100 LL), lasted about 2-2.5 hours (10 ppl), i busted 4 handed with blinds 300/600 and about 3k stack, JJ lost to 66 obv.

i hate poker.

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BWoP said...

It was nice to meet you last night.