Monday, June 30, 2008

well... the end of the month

well, i hate to post this, but its been my worst month ever, actually last 5 weeks. unimaginably bad... just sick. i cant afford to keep playing if it keeps up.

i however did good in sngs, although i lost $600 i the stars $60 45 mans, i had an overall good month in sngs. my losses in tourneys take away all this money i made and much much much more, im to ashamed to post how much i lost in june.

i am having to drop in stakes to prevent going completely busto, this means i have to quit on the 2 tourneys that are by far my most profitable. just gonna have to work my way back up, and hope its quick enough to pay my july bills. sucks not having a bankroll.

the tough thing is the smaller mtts have so many more entrants increasing variance, but i have a few ideas.... im gonna pull through this... and fuck bad runs...


just so you guys can see, here is what my monitors look like...


also, here is a cheap illegal hooker working vegas now, that even i cant afford.



lj said...

what a sick set up. lol at the little +1 peeking out.

lucko said...

Going for the shemales these days? Fuck, your run was worse than I thought.