Wednesday, June 11, 2008

WSOP's 2nd chancers

these things , although i always liked them, always had a bad rep. they had 30 min levels using the wsop structure, which was good, but only started with 1500-2000 in chips. i have done very well in them with those structures cashing for ~14k in the previous few years.

this year the buy in is $340, same structure sheet (i think, didnt make to deep), but we start with 5k in chips. i believe they are getting 150-200 ppl, but someone said a few nights ago they paid 27 spots, so maybe even more. they start at 7pm this year, so if you are playing a caesars or venetian deepstack and bust early, they make for an awesome evening tourney. btw, they word is on the caesars tourneys, that there are to many chips and to good of a structure, and since venetian added more chips to compete. few other casinos running good series now as well. one thing to note, the 2nd chance tourneys usually get fewer and fewer ppl until the ME gets close.

btw, im still running super super shitty :(.

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