Saturday, June 21, 2008


still running very bad... about 4 weeks now... sooo sick.... i haven't ran real well in prob about a year or more, i mean i had a few tastes of running good, but they were all very short.

i also feel like im dieing.... not sure what i got, but it is like a super cold or some shit, i cant stop coughing, and a very bad sore throat... lots of congestion... especially at night while i try to sleep, nightquill at a 2.5 time the recommended dose has no effect on my cough. cough drops aren't working. i hope i don't die.

if it keeps getting worse i may actually go to a doctor or some shit.. i hate doctors, because they are crooks, but better than dieing.

anyways everyone is coming to vegas, and now i have 2 good reasons to stay home.... im broke, and sick.


also, another sexy hooker to keep things interesting while the blog sucks.... here's logan.

ALSO... is drome gonna post? he has awesome storys, and he is good at telling them... he has a whole archive of storys and prob a few in progress.... BUT at this rate i'll win a tourney before any are

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