Tuesday, July 01, 2008

one more quick thing.. AWESOME news imo...

as most of you probably know, johnnybax and rizen signed with UB (one of 2 online poker sites that actually got busted being rigged - both owned by same company).

obv i think it is a bad idea for top well known honest guys to accept payment to bring back customers and help fix UB's damaged rep. i think it sucks that a site's only punishment for allowing games to be rigged for such a long time and then denying it as long as they possibly could to be having to just pay back what was stolen if they got caught. annie duke did say UB's revenues werent affected, which sucks ass imo.

btw i think duke is gonna be on the next p5 podcast.

anyways rizen's announcement is awesome.

Short Announcement Regarding UB

After a lot of reflection and thought, I have decided to separate myself from the Ultimate Bet brand. I hope that everyone will respect my privacy, as I wish to not go into the decision in any great detail at this time. At this point in time I just believe that the things I'm trying to accomplish in my career are not in sync with the Ultimate Bet brand.

gooooooooooooooo rizen!!!!!!!!!!



$mokkee said...

hopefully Bax will jump ship too.

lucko said...