Wednesday, July 16, 2008

last few days, and a no mess russ hamilton/ub cheat thread

well, last few days i have taken off, so no playing. i mainly took a few days off to get personal shit done, you know the shit we all hate to do but we can only put it off for so long....

my last day playing i did make a $500 profit, but that doesnt help a whole lot when i lost 2500 the 3 days before that... it is always nice to have an up day, obv. i only made a profit because i won a $20 180 man sng and in the $75 45 mans on ftp i got a 1st and a 2nd. really in mtts i got straight killed as always. was pretty gay to get a 13th and an 8th.


as for russ and co.... no new UB or russ hamilton info since Nat quit the investigation, but seems obv they were close to discovering someone new (hence the threat).

i hear russ hamilton might be on pokerroad show tonight. hopefully is interesting.

EDIT: Russ cannot come on the show because of legal reasons. Sebok and Barry sat with him for a few hours just now and Barry will be coming on today in the guest slot and they will be discussing what they talked about with Russ.

someone on 2p2 posted this.

which is from this.

which annie duke says this (kinda old, but still):

I got to see a bunch of people who I hadn't seen in forever—Russ Hamilton, Antonio Esfandiari and his girlfriend, Vicki, Shawn Rice, Krazy Kanuck, P0ker H0. I got to see Greg Pierson and Jon Karl, the founders of the original software company that developed the software for

which pretty much makes annie duke look bad... if she was innocent and stupid, i dont care she chose to stick with these cheating scum dirtbags. maybe she knows stuff, maybe she doesnt, but when you choose to be associated with russ/ub and co, i hope you get associated with them. im not sure if i brought up pierson in my blog yet, but a lot of people believe he knows a lot and might be deeply involved, and i believe thats who everyone was looking at when Nat quit.

simular stuff about phil.

and finally on 2p2, a mod is trying to make a good thread covering all of this with no bull shit random posts... and has it stickied and only he is adding to it. should be much easier for some of you to follow if you wish.

UB scandal sticky.

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