Saturday, July 19, 2008

on a roll, but still getting killed in MTTs.

i have had 4 straight up days, only one was a real good day but still its been a long time, feeling a lot better. my profits would be much higher if i wasnt playing MTTs, but i feel that will change too.

i did make 2 final tables yesterday for a 4th and an 8th, making next to nothing. i also final tabled a 180 man sng (i was told i cant count that as a FT though).

today i built some nice stacks in several, i donked off in a few (i call off way to light sometimes -however calling off to light sometimes builds my stack fast too).

in the FTP 109 i was playing super aggressive, but i was also picking up a ton of hands, i ended up 4- betting ppl at my table like 4 or 5 times in about 40 min. had a pretty awesome stack, then i got into a big pot with a dude i doubled earlier. he always was reraising me, and now we both have a lot of chips, i was cutoff he was button. i have AK and obv 4 betting him for like the 3rd or 4th time, he insta calls and i lost the flip :(. not even that deep in the tourney yet, it just sucked to blow my big stack in such an awesome tourney.

in the stars 109, i sucked out a few times late, and was at a very aggressive table. lost a descent sized pot, blinds went up next thing you know im short, ending up open shoving into a big hand and busted 15th :(.

so even though im not making money in MTTs, it seems like as close as i have been getting, i should be able to. i feel i am running better the last few days, so expect me to post a win soon (hopefully a big win).

in other news, i have a gold sharkscope star again.. im 2nd in some leaderboard, and as soon as i get more games under my belt in the 45 mans, i think i may get a 1st.

current leaderboard

the leaderboard i can get 1st in if i keep up my current pace for a few hundred more games

and here are my stats filtered to that leaderboard

i can prob get a few more in other categories but they would be silver :(. i just want the platinum one because i wanna be cool.

i prob cant play the sunday tourneys in the morning, as i think i have a huge plumbing prob at my house.... my water meter is going crazy, my recent bill was close to $200 (normally $15), hate to see the next one :(. i cant find a leak though, must be under the house or under ground somewhere. which sucks ass because we have concrete slab foundations here in vegas, so if thats the case its gonna be a nasty repair.

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