Wednesday, July 23, 2008

terrible day with extra side of tilt..

ran very shitty today, but if bad beats weren't enough to tilt me.... there is more... and more than gay fucking Canadian pipes.

i have a new top of the line PC, but for some reason it was taking to long to start up (3 min)... damn vista issues. i was bitching and finally tech support got back top me with a few ideas.

anyways the 1st ideas were to check bios settings.... that didnt fix it, but we found the prob, it was a minor hardware issue.. need new drivers. but we didnt find this until we changed some bios settings.

i have my power settings set to turn off my monitor after 20 minutes of inactivity. the 1st sign of trouble was after my monitors shut off ( i was watching a movie), they would not come back on... moved my mouse , hit buttons on keyboard , nothing. hmmm... whatever, ill leave tech support a message. and then i held my power button in order to shut off my pc, then turn it back on. everything seemed fine......

to avoid the problem i just experienced, i just shutdown my pc when i was done, so i wouldn't have to shut it off that way again (not sure if it could fuck it up or what) in the morning (i usually leave it on for days at a time).

ok, so now i wake up in the morn, boot up the pc and reg for the 20r, feed the dog, make my coffee, call the plumber, and go back to play...

all seems fine, i have prob 10 tables going, then boom, windows crashes... blue screen of death. so i reboot it as fast as i can, get it going again... pull all my tables up, and now all my time banks are empty, which blows... i depend on them playing so many tables.

anyways this shit continued to happen like every 2-3 hours all day. if i would had known the 1st time it was gonna keep happening i would had just quit. guess i thought (or hoped) it was a fluke.

so pretty much all day i had no time banks on many tables and timed out when i shouldn't, and made me feel very rushed. because of no time i was making decisions before i observed the action close enough, and kept catching myself making big mistakes, also timing out a few times with big hands.

i think it might be a big leak that i wont quit when things are going bad....

but pretty much i ran super shitty today, and played bad, and felt tilted all at the same time. i lost close to 1700 today, which basically voids out my best day last week and hurts my month because my numbers were already low.

fortunately i know a little bit about PCs, and i know the error the BSoD gave is usually related to memory issues. i also remember the tech having me change the memory voltage setting and some other memory related settings.. so i changed them back....

pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease work, because the tech prob wont get back to me until 3/4ths through my poker day, and then i will be playing (hopefully) and cant be doing reboots and shit.


poker tracker 3 released the new beta in the morn before i started playing, so i downloaded it hoping they made some changes and fixed it at least some.

nope. obv.

it has been crashing for the last 4 versions now, the same fucking problem. and a ton of people have the same issue, their forum is filled with ppl telling them they are basically scammers and they want refunds..

well the poker tracker team, says no refunds, and sorry that it isn't working for you guys but 90% of the sales we made had no complaints (obv bullshit) so it must not be that bad.

GO FUCK YOURSELVES... this software is shit.... hire someone that can FUCKING program you shit bags!!!

anyways in case you cant tell, im pissed. i paid for this shit already because they told us we had to lose our databases for the commercial trial version unless we paid, and i thought if it didn't work quite right, it would be fixed in a reasonable amount of time. mainly because before they released the commercial version, it was updated very often with very noticeable fixes.

sooo the commercial version was shit and they go back to betas, and now it gets an update once a month or so which fixes nothing. and all of us who paid definitely feel scammed.

well, apparently the makers of PAhud bought the rights to PT3 and they are the programmers. its not even the same people... so we were scammed imo.

i wonder if there is another program that does what PT3 does. i love their new hud... if it worked without crashing all day.


still all bad news about my plumbing issue, pretty sure im gonna have to get the whole house replumbed... prob start on monday.. gonna definitely check up on it more though, make sure im not getting over charged and make sure everything is legit.


so, if my PC is working tomorrow.. then im gonna run good... k


Mike Maloney said...

Have you looked into Holdem Manager? I haven't used it since it was in beta, but I know many bloggers who swear by it over PT.

$mokkee said...

pc - fucked
plumbing - fucked
ptracker - fucked
poker - fucked

damn stoner when you run bad, you run really bad. hope you get at least half this shit worked out soon.