Wednesday, July 30, 2008

ran good most of today...

i did bubble 3 FTs which sucks ass, 1 sick bad beat and 1 sick cooler, and i pretty sure the 3rd was a bad beat too, but cant really remember...

i cashed like everything today, so i was a real disappointed to only make one final table. i cashed 13 tournaments today, which is sick.

here is a 2nd in the 20r i got today.... pretty much embarrassed because i got owned sick HU. guess i deserved 2nd.

so, this make 3 days 3 nice cashes and im feeling good. i also did ok in the 45 mans today but i couldn't play a ton, because i lasted so long in most mtts i played.

i plan on doing good tomorrow too, and im gonna slowly increase my buyins again as my bankroll increases, and hopefully ride a good streak up.


i hate having to listen to the pxf replayer (HH from an older post) every time i go to my blog (im sure it must annoy you guys too), i have no clue why it doesn't start paused, i have emailed pxf about it, and the guy who responded said he agrees with me and will talk to the team... so maybe that will get fixed. i prob wont post anymore multi handed histories if they don't.

i had an anonymous comment asking for more hooker posts, and i agree it is definitely over due. i haven't had the benefit of using any hookers lately, but i am tying to come up with a good hooker post, and maybe a multi part post. just not sure what to do with it yet.

just give me time, more hookers to come.. i promise.

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MackemPlus1 said...

Hey Shawn,

Nice to see you having a good run, I'm running like ass (don't read my blog, it's just a whine) LOL.

Been enjoying your blog and glad you're trying to sort out that annoying PXF thing!!!