Sunday, July 13, 2008

russ hamilton and the UB supeuser?

at the end of my last blog post i mentioned a new UB thread on 2+2. i also mentioned it looked liked freddy deeb and russ hamilton may had been part of it. as the thread progressed it looked less likely that deeb (although his account was closed at same time as some superuser accounts) was part of it and more likely russ at a min had knowledge. i am gonna post some screen shots of some of the posts made by Nat.

in this post nat was replying to a guy about the superusers still being involved with the company. and then a 2nd post which was just after they found out the big money transfer account belonged to fred david, the one that transferred to a known superuser and was refunded by hamilton. as you can see he posted a picture of fred and a moderator was requested to remove it and did so.. hmmm... the guilty parties following the thread?

basically i liked this one because it was earlier in the thread and mentioned how he had suspicions about russ, but no good evidence. nat, must have some good circumstantial evidence to say that imo.

here nat is talking about 60 minutes and getting answers from the UB crew, the guy greg he is talking about apparently was on the team that made the software or some shit.

here is the evidence needed to really cause some problems for both russ and ub. i actually pm'ed nat the link to look up ownership of property on the clark county web site (i used to use it for work).

just clarifying....

the HM guy referred to earlier, and another very possible superuser.

just to point out that its not really in nat's best interest to hurt UB and AP, def awesome he is willing to cost himself money to keep games honest and help bring cheaters to justice.

hmmmm... im definitely curious now... lol

anyways i will def post the cliff note thread if we get one and keep following the story.

F UB/AP!!!!!!!!!!

and thanks Nat and others on 2+2 who really helped with this, you guys are awesome.

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