Friday, July 25, 2008

i sux. ironman. bubbly. cereus.

brutal day today. i mean i only lost like 400 but still got so close to a lot of final tables, had huge stacks in a lot of stuff, and just failed everywhere.

got an 11th, 18th, 14th, and a 15th, and that doesn't include the 180 man sngs. so frustrating. such a thin line between bad day and a huge fucking day.

last several days i been losing money or breaking even in the 45 man sngs i love so much, but been doing ok in the 180s.


i just was wondering why im not ironman on ftp, i mean i play alot, and back when i played only sngs i was always ironman. i was thinking, is it possible i just dont play enough? so i went to look, and apparently i was opted out.. wtf, thats weird.

anyways, i was wondering which option has more value, bonus medals or freerolls? i am thinking freerolls because i think they deduct the bonuses you buy from your rake for rakeback, right? do they deduct freeroll winnings too? hmmmm... any thoughts on what is better and why?


the 180 man sngs, more the regulars than the turbos, are the best tournaments to abuse the bubble in my opinion. i mean in the right condition you can abuse any bubble, but in these the right conditions are much more common.

i love RR shoving the tightest guy at the table, then he folds and talks shit to me for not noticing how tight he is, then shove him again the very next time he raises, because he WILL fold again... soo great.

anyways, i guess i had pretty descent hands considering... but these things are sooo fun..

i got gayed in 3rd in this though :(


anyways gay ass UB/AP are basically merging. they are supposedly getting new software and network called Cereus and they are both gonna be a skin of that network. annie duke claims it will be superuser free, but im wondering if the thug owners have a new scam.

gay p5's article

lets hope people aren't quick to forget, and remember who the fucks are who own these sites.

on another note, i know stars banned datamining tools and doesn't allow datamining. i don't datamine, so this doesn't really affect me much really, but im pretty sure it was datamining that helped proved cheating occurred on AP/UB/Cereus. i feel datamining would ensure the integrity of the game, and think stars needs to reconsider it's policy. fwiw, i def trust stars, but i think this should change.


i got stuck having to go to my mom's house for dinner tomorrow, so i guess im taking the day off... will for sure be playing saturday i hope. im still stuck on my plumbing issue, trying to talk to the lawyers handing the developments nearby (and hopefully mine) and follow rules so i don't screw myself out of reimbursement... but im kinda in a hurry too.. :(.

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Bayne_S said...


It sux but once a month you have to choose medals or freerol or it defaults to opted out.

Freeroll winnings don't count against rakeback but I believe the prize fund/entrants does.

IronMan medals = 75 which is worth roughly 5/7 x $26.

Cashing in IronMan is pretty easy to do and worth $90 as half players are ghosts.

I always opt to play unless I will be out of town day of Freeroll