Sunday, July 13, 2008

russ hamilton/ultimate bet cheating superuser link update

just a few links.... 2p2 closed old thread and made a new one, and there was a pretty good cliff note post.

the new russ hamilton cheat thread

superuser cliff note post.

Nat Arem's Blog post

just the same info as everywhere else but on p5s front page now, made me laugh when they mentioned bax works with them at the bottom... he should quit, imo

fuck ultimate bet, fuck absolute, fuck russ hamilton, fuck all other ub/ap superusers and cheating scum. go busto please. ty

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Rob Wilson said...

online poker is soooooooooo rigged! It's the best thing that ever happend to organize crime since waste management! LOL.... think about it, where there is money to be made there will be somebody stealing it. it's life.

With that being said...I suck not because it's rigged, just because I suck. I don't think the crooks are on the low stakes tables lol.