Tuesday, July 22, 2008

adult check.....

i took off the adult check because it was annoying the hell out of me, i will try to label my blog links wherever i put them as occasionally NSFW, and keep in mind that they will sometimes be NSFW. i will also label the NSFW posts in the title.

what a nightmare at my house right now. this plumbing problem is gonna be sickening. it turns out my house was plumbed using a type of pipe involved in a major class action lawsuit (obv made in canada). anyways because of this, repairs are nearly impossible because all vendors quit selling the parts because of liability issues.

soooo, i may have to re-plumb the whole house to fix this leak. and that fucking blows since im already busto.

info on the piping

lawsuit info, i put my name on the list. over/under on how long till this is settled? hope i get some money back, this is BS. why the fuck buy shit manufactured in canada, do they have any experience making shit? where the fuck are the mexican made pipes?

anyways i plan on playing in the morning. hopefully some good news coming.

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