Sunday, July 20, 2008

GTFO im running like a god, and ya LMB too.

at least in this one 45 man sng. i def played a few hands pretty much like a retard, i sucked out in several, won some flips, and my good hands held... wtf... something isnt right.

anyways i thought this was a fun HH to watch.

hand 1.. lol oops. i pressed the raise button exactly as my time clock ran out. either it cost me a double up, or earned me $1k never will know.

hand 7, i played like shit.

by hand 22, i know where i need to get my chips from, dude cant just RR every pot, fuck him.

hand 74, imma retard

75, should bet the turn imo.

hand 106, he said after timing out he had AJ.. i love the bubble against big stacks when there are short stacks in.

Click here to view a larger version.

all in all, i usually do gamble a bit early in these, and if i have a descent amount of chips with 12-15 ppl left, i have sick results, and when i get to the final table, i think the spot i get most is 1st (although last week or so i got a bunch or 3rds and 4ths)... obv running good in these.

i think i been playing about 15 of these a day. i think i love them.

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