Friday, July 18, 2008

do it for the children!

i wanna talk about a few things today...

1st, sorry about my blog accidentally turning into a poker industry news site.. lol


i had another positive day today, but again only because of multi-table sngs, getting killed in tourneys.

in the nightly 50k on stars i had KK lose 2 times in the final 40 ppl, both good size pots. in one of the earlier $55s on stars i was real deep and i made a stupid play, kind of pissed at myself. today i really struggled building stacks for the most part, but lately i build them then always bust deep... both are frustrating, but getting real deep in many and not making any money is definitely the worse.

this bad run of mine is by far the worst i have ever had and it's pretty much unbelievable. i can never get anything going, ever. im hoping to change that tomorrow, if not i will probably take another day off this weekend.

hopefully i can have some positive tourney stuff to post soon, so its not just poker news stuff that gets posted. lol.


here is an awesome post on 2p2. talking about the cheif (ex cheif?) of the Kahnawake's in canada and owner of UB/AP, and his organized crime past.


here is a cool article on p5s about new legislation being introduce in congress. im not gonna paste it here, but i will post a link.

this legislation seems genius, not that i necessarily would support it under normal circumstances, but it seems to me with this legislation, any vote against online poker would be a vote against children. the bill basically allocates funds from online gaming taxes to be spent on job training for those in foster care (and also people in declining job sectors -so not just kids).

seems smart to me.

Jim McDermott Introduces New Internet Gambling Legislation

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