Wednesday, July 09, 2008

shitty few day, descent score tonight, UB update.

this tourney had some very tough players... i guess it usually does. i have no clue why i do good in this and not others. before this score my roi in the ftp's 30r was 142%, the DB hasnt updated for tonights yet.

right around the bubble, i lost a big pot to USCphildo. up till this point i was really holding my own, i mean roothlus and USCphildo were playing back at me a bit, but i was ok. after this pot things just really went down hill and i ended up playing to tight... still almost got there.

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when i got to the FT, my stack was obv wasnt great. with the stack situations i pretty much had to play tight and try to be patient and wait for a good spot to play. hopefully finding reshove spots before blinding to the point of open shoving.

i finally got the worst player at the table to put me all in drawing very slim.

now i have some chips to work with, but still in a spot where i cant really open light. obv sucks to have USCphildo right behind me. just gonna try and be patient still.

down to 3, and i am in trouble... these guys both have me outchipped by a lot.

at this point both me and BEvegas, are both very short and phildo is basically open shoving any chance he gets. i have about 200k, BEvegas has close to 175k, USCphildo at about 1.2 mill. blinds were 10k/20k.

BEvegas was pretty much shoving 1st in any chance he got as well, and for some reason he folded here, and i think i have to shove this pretty hand and get myself and edge over BEvegas. imo just unlucky.


and i got a gay 3rd... but i am thrilled to death with a 3rd with how i been running. also congratz to USCphildo for winning this same tourney 2 straight nights... sooo sick.

i got very deep in a few others today too. almost FTed the early 30r too, with 15 left i raised in late pos, and one of the blinds shipped on me with Q9 and it beat my AK.. :(. also got deep in the early 10r on stars.. 42/2700. and in the $50 100k on stars, got a 59/2043... also :(.

yesterday i was CLer in the 5r on stars for prob hours. i lost a few pots deep, and with 28 left i made a huge bluff and ran into kk and my oesd missed :(... so shitty to get 28th out of 4194 ppl and only make $121. i was so pissed. i couldnt just play tight and make the FT, i had to go for the fucking gold.


as far as UB goes... some new stuff came out on 2+2 from an employee down at UB. nothing looks to solid yet, but the employee said he was gonna prove that the new management was involved although he has yet to do so.

he posted screenshots and transfer histories that makes it appear freddy deeb was involved. apparently an account used to transfer lots of money, made transfers both to deeb and a known super user. also we apparently have proof deeb's account was shut down at same time as the superuser's. and a few other small things that point that direction. also lots of stuff about Russ Hamilton.

def enough evidence to ask lots more questions. i really hope the employee comes back.. i mean he could get fired or maybe even worse over this. the 2+2 thread was a good read starting at page 8. hopefully more comes out soon.

p5's thread

2+2 thread starting on page 8

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