Sunday, July 27, 2008

sunday........ tilt like none other..... and then a save.

well..... today started terrible. couldn't get shit going in anything at all. super sick beats, mad coolers, and every time i was short and forced to shove from small blind or button i was running into AA or KK. just super standard... or sick i mean.

so after KK lost to JT about 3 times in 40 min, i was catching myself spewing sick at every table, i just felt massive tilt radiating off of me. i finally said fuck this and just walked away... walked back and forth through the house a bit... hearing my tables beeping wasn't helping. so i went outside and laid in my hammock for like 10 min.

i was feeling a little better, and went back inside. within 15 min i had AA lose to JJ 2 times and to A8s once, but i handled it ok, the lil break actually help a lot.

so the day was so shitty, busted out of the majors fast, bubbled like every 180 and 45 man sng i played, down almost 3k in last 3 days in the 45 mans, which is nasty (esp since they have been my bread and butter). and now it is getting late, finally built a few stacks and only in 5 tourneys still....

at this point i quit registering for the sngs i been playing, and pull up my excel sheet and see if i bust out of the last 5 i am down $2500 on the day. pretty sick... my BR is not nearly big enough to lose that in a day.

so i quickly get fucked out of 4 of the 5 and start feeling a bit tilted again. im still in the 30r and its about bubble time. unfortunately i am pretty sure i am one of the worst guys left... ranked players everywhere.

from the time there were 26 players left till half way through the final table, i put 4 sick beats on those ranked fuckers who always seem to run like god against me. felt so awesome.

was a tough field and hard final table.

woot!!! 4 left... i break even for the day!!!!!

HU i got my money in as a good favorite, and he sucked out on me, so i took home 2nd. and i made money on the day!


lj said...

a win and a 2nd two days in a row, not bad!!!! sux re: 45 mans but as i am constantly being told and gradually learning, lots of variance in sngs, and you'll end up on positive end soon enough no doubt.

Anonymous said...

Nice run, now just add some hookers. Thanks.

Loretta8 said...
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Loretta8 said...