Tuesday, May 08, 2007

$200 sng, PxF replayer, with bigjoe2003 & premier

this was posted for discussion on the PxF sng discussion group in their forum, it is something new, that should be informative. you can view the sng in the replayer with a free account, but i don't believe you can get into the forum unless you pay. so i will bring the discussion here since many of you don't pay PxF.

$200 sng

i will post the questions and my responses during next few days. give you guys a chance to watch it 1st.


trimp said...

Hand #38. Why are you not taking these blinds?

I was pretty surprised to see you fold JJ and 99 to Premier's raises.

After the 99 fold, you push with K5. Why? Doesn't seem like the right time to do this.

sprstoner said...

will be answered in a future post...