Thursday, May 10, 2007

drarr's Qs on the $200 sng

anyone notice i was catching some cards? was nice..... anyways, i will make drarr's questions in yellow, my responses in red.

Hand 29: Would you have raised A7s there if you didn’t know they were strong players in the blinds, who probably wouldn’t get involved without a decent hand? Also what would you have done if Premier had reshipped you there (I’m guessing calling and hating it).

yes, this is a borderline hand that can be easily folded, and yes i prob was more likely to raise here because bigjoe was in the BB, most of the time in these sngs i get a descent amount of respect if i haven't been pushing yet, and make a standard raise from early to mid pos. i also note the players who are mad at me and make comments about my retarded pushes/plays, because they are out to bust me.

Hand 39: Similar to above. Would you have raised here with weaker players in the blinds? Also is the reason behind this raise to see if your big stack has respect from the button player? It just seems a strange spot to steal in when blinds are only 100/200 and you’re sat on a 5k stack.

in this hand because of the bubble, i am more likely to raise a very large range no matter what.

Hand 61: What range did you have bigjoe on here? Although his raise is really a push it looks like he may be trying to encourage action from the BB by leaving chips behind.

bigjoe is doing this with a very wide range, i would say at least 35%, maybe any 2. this is a trick. him and his buddies do this because they think it creates artificial fold equity (i don't fall for it).
he can have 3.5 bbs, and he will raise 2.5bbs and it works sometimes, at least it looks like it does.


TripJax said...

Yo might want to consider using a color other than yellow for your response posts. It works fine when reading directly from your blog, but for your readers who read from an RSS Feed, it is very difficult to read it. Most RSS Readers have a white background (like Google Reader, which I use), which makes it difficult to view yellow on white.

Anyway, no biggie, but I thought I would mention it since I used to have the same problem with my black background.

Good luck at the tables yo...

sprstoner said...

i already have a few posts written up, but i will try to keep that in mind for now on.