Monday, May 21, 2007

just got NOVA on stars, and poker update....

just got nova today, which means playing stars should yield about the same as ftp's rakeback in bonuses, maybe a little more.

also, i have been playing less sngs than usual.they been real swingy, and are getting tougher at the stakes i play. i have been fooling around with cash games. i never been good at cash so i been trying 1/2nl 6 max for now. just playing for an hour or 2 a day, i got about 8k hands in so far with great results. so i think i am going to slowly switch to more and more cash games because i think there is more money to make there. i realize i only have 8k hands so far, but with a MT ratio of 2.25, i am making ~$70 an hour. i also realize i prob wont be able to keep that rate up, but feel if i get my MT ratio up a bit and get better, i should be able to make more than i do at sngs.

my current goal with cash is to be profitable, and to keep my win rate at a good level, improve my game, and when i get to 30k hands start mixing in a few 2/4nl tables in and see how i do.


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Chad Carpenter (Yahoo IM: carchd) said...

NL cash is a joke.... Play tight and win, easy as that.