Sunday, May 13, 2007

checkeater's Qs about the $200 sng

same thing, mine in red, his in yellow.......

checkeater wrote:
Hand 9-Sprstoner 3x raise with AJs 3rd pos, 4th position reraises to 150, bb calls Sprstoner calls too. 8c 2s 4s bb checks Sprstoner checks Feldspar makes continuation bet of 270 and spstoner check raises him to 690 Feldspar folds. Ok now my question is with 15/30 blinds should we be betting half our stacks on a draw I know if he has TT or 99 spstoner is a small favorite with the flush draw plus possible 2 overs and 270 is big bet and I cant see just calling because hes prolly not checking the turn so the price will go up for river card so I understand not paying 270 for 1 card so if your choices are call 270 or raise to 690 I might see how raising to the 690 might be the correct play but I’m not sure if folding might be best with 15/30 blinds.

i very rarely fold to a min RR pre if i have chips... i hope to catch a nice flop and make them pay for giving me such huge odds.

i caught basically a dream flop, however some of my outs are probably dead.

i recently came off a bad run in sngs, and i decided part of the reason was i became predictable.people knew when i was strong and got out of the way. my 1st adjustment was to slowplay, that didn't work so well either. so decided to become more aggressive with more hands, and the only ones that made sense were draws. this seems to be working, so if i am playing a hand like i flopped a set, i may have, or i may have an awesome draw. and i am looking to make more adjustments if i need to.

he probably folded an AKish hand, because he would probably call with 66.

checkeater wrote:
Hand 17- Feldspar vs Premier Feldspar bets 3x raise from 5th position 25/50 with QQ and Premier has AK sb he reraises to 550 definitely committing himself to an all in call if Feldspar chooses to do so which is what happened. Now I know your not supposed to play a hand out of position like that and it is extra incentive to take the pot down now and I also know that there is value to seeing all five cards when you have AK and you might be priced out after the flop since Feldspar only had 880 left and might go all in on any flop. This is along the same lines of Hand 9 but with having 1500 at 25/50 is it wise to put your whole stack at risk like that early on maybe Premier thought he was weak since Feldspar bet out of the 5 spot? Let me know what you guys think?

if i was premier, i prob shove there instead of the 550 raise. my normal rule is, if i have more than 10 times the bet i raise instead of shove, which premier had there... but he was OOP, and both players left in hand had less than 10 times the bet.

checkeater wrote:
Hand 21- Donato vs Sprstoner Donato has 1100 at 50/100 should he fold that under the gun? Or if he is going to make a 3x raise shouldn’t he be prepared to fold? I understand pushing with 11bb is a little much but if he is going to call the push by Stoner anyways why not bet more like 4xor 5x?? Is my thought process incorrect?

i would say, i think i would rather fold utg if i was him, he has an awkward stack size, and to many players to push through at this time.

if he is calling a push anyways, it is better to push, that way he doesn't get stuck with a shitty flop and not know what to do if he got called.

checkeater wrote:
Hand 49- Spstoner vs DH Time blind vs blind Spstoner makes bet with Aqc and DH calls now I always bet out if I opened with raise even if I have AAA after flop I bet out but since spstoner had such a favorable flop hitting top pair plus the flush draw should he maybe check to see if DH will bet, I know probably not since he will be scared of A on board but with such a favorable flop I wonder if scaring him away was correct or not?

i thought slowplaying was giving away to much info about my game, so i decided to play most hands the same way. that is a perfect flop for a C-bet if i miss. and BvB he may re-pop it with a smaller pair.

also one question from tripoker:

tripoker wrote: Maybe you should find stiffer competition. lol. Wow that was amazing a sng player that likes to play poker. Could you explain your bet sizing of hand number 9.

i think it makes me look stronger, for the bet to be a little smaller. i try to play these flops as if i flopped a set. i am not opposed to a push at all.

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