Saturday, May 05, 2007

last months stats

here is my totals from last month, still very bad in the sngs, but they started to improve... also last month i was gone for 2 weeks with no poker. as you see, i have been trying a little more cash games lately and doing ok. I'm kinda embarrassed, but i am only playing 1/2nl now, as my bank roll has been hurt and I'm really just learning cash games. never been good at them, so I'm studying the game now. these totals count my 2nd WSOP seat as $11k in the MTT section.

from Jan 1st to end of April:

things are not as good as i would like, but not to bad i guess.


i have been doing very good lately, I'm expecting an awesome may.


Anonymous said...

What do you have setup for rakeback and bonuses? I had a bonus for my initial signup, but now that this is gone I'm paying full price for my sng's... this is unacceptable ;)

sprstoner said...

rakeback , i only get from ftp, as far as stars, i buy large amounts of T$ for very small discounts, but i go through a lot so it adds up.