Tuesday, May 08, 2007

i love making new friends.....

stronghandle said, "g catch idiot"
sprstoner said, "lol"
stronghandle [observer] said, "i mean seriously...what ru doing though"
sprstoner said, "out playing you"
stronghandle [observer] said, "out playing me?......catching a 3 outer....ur an idiot....i've played u b4 thats why it was such an ez call"
sprstoner said, "again.. lol"
stronghandle [observer] said, "gl douche"
stronghandle [observer] said, "lol is right.....bucklox"
stronghandle [observer] said, "blahhhhhh"
stronghandle [observer] said, "BUCKLOX"
stronghandle [observer] said, "can u plz tell me where ur going 2 play next......plz"

sprstoner said, "be playing these for a while"
stronghandle [observer] said, "the deadest money of all ttime"
sprstoner said, "plz follow me... like extra donaters"
stronghandle [observer] said, "here it comes"
stronghandle [observer] said, "u fn idiot"

sprstoner said, "spoken by a losing player"
stronghandle [observer]: hands down the worst player i've seenn......bn playin 4 years,,,,,lat
stronghandle [observer]: lol
sprstoner [observer]: lol
sprstoner [observer]: plz keep playing sngs

so what you took a bad beat... was it the 1st time.. lol

i know, watch the rest of the sng and cry like a baby, might make you more of a man.. lol

btw, he never played in any others i was in after this one tonight, and i played at least 10 more.

i hate insulting ppl that donate, but this dude was really getting on my nerves..... couldnt help it...

<--- dumbass


Ezarc said...


Seriously, if I can get someone tilting with a little chat, I do so without a question.

smokkee said...

i luv tilting fuckers i either sucked out on or who made a donkey move and paid me off.

kill 'em all and let god sort 'em out!

ZaiGezunt said...

LOL i love when you trashtalk