Monday, May 14, 2007

cyberholdem & trimp Qs on 200 sng

same thing today

cyberholdem wrote:
Iam not so an advanced player as you sponer, so i think i cant help you a lot, but i have some questions that may help me:

# 2 AQo : I mostly limp in the early levels especially UTG - UTG+2 because you risk chips for a little profit; or play they on the higher levels tighter????

most people do limp here, i for some reason go against the rule here... just seems to fit along with my style more. i rarely limp 1st in.

bigjoe2003 would limp there, it isn't wrong.

cyberholdem wrote:
#9 AJs : you hit the nutflushdraw and make a checkraise ( maybe you check because he has reraised ); if your opponent would checkbehind, do you bet or check????

this really depends on what card came.

cyberholdem wrote:
#13 JJ : I love the fold after the reraise, what do you assume does the reraiser ave QQ+, AK, AQ, AJ ????; I think this is one of my leaks, that i sometimes not respect the play of my opponents.

a lot of people will fold JJ to an all in early, i usually only fold JJ if i am facing action by multiple opponents that seem strong, if it was just one guy, i would raise, and if he shoved, i prob call.

so many times even with multiple people, i would still be ahead...but obvious the chances of ending up way behind or have 3 overs against me is to strong. i have to many chips to risk here. i have a nice stack, and i rather just wait for a better, spot, i don't care what cards they have.

cyberholdem wrote:
#32 JJ in SB : You call the AI from the BU ( 8 BB ); because you can put him on a stealraise / any 2 in this spot !!! ???

maybe not any 2, but definitely a big range.

cyberholdem wrote:
#38 Q9o BU : why is this no stealraise against the blinds??? so more so as you raise in #39 from the CO with Q5o ??????

stack sizes are awkward, they can easily push here wide. the next hand, i have better players in the blinds, i am in earlier position, which makes me look stronger, and it is now the bubble.

cyberholdem wrote:
# 40 A7o : call AI from BU; is this a instacall ??? you have to hit the A and behind after A8+ ???

ya, i think so, premier is pushing very wide here... and i have chips. to be honest, i am more likely to fold if blinds were up, that way i could run over bubble with a shorty sooner. as soon as he pushed, i prob looked to see if their were antes yet, and if there were, i would had looked how long till the blinds went up.

cyberholdem wrote:
#69 T5o : you have about 10 BB why do you shove this????????

because if he calls wide, it is still +ev.

trimp has left a new comment on your post "$200 sng, PxF replayer, with bigjoe2003 & premier":

Hand #38. Why are you not taking these blinds?

cyber had the same question, answered it above.

I was pretty surprised to see you fold JJ and 99 to Premier's raises.
After the 99 fold, you push with K5. Why? Doesn't seem like the right time to do this.

i was prob ahead both times, with JJ i had plenty of chips and not worth risking the majority of them there. i could be far behind, i could be up against 3 over cards.... just best to wait.

with the 99 it was the bubble time, and we had a short stack who will be forced to Gamble soon, not worth coinflipping for most of my chips here, i don't think premier comes in without a pretty strong hand either.

K5 was an easy push, blinds are up and no one can call except maybe bigjoe2003.


trimp said...

Thanks sprstoner,

always nice to learn something new.

I have been questioning a number of my calls / pushes lately, because of a few bad results. The 99 & JJ really hit home for me. I think I'm playing a little too often just because the situations are slightly +ev.

doylefish said...

Someone tell cyerholdem his 'question mark' key is stuck.

Over-use, of punctuation, is 'one' of my pet hates!!!

Good post stoner.